Thanks For

Team Members: Pragun Agarwal, Cheryl Peng and Toral Bheda

Project Mentors: Jason Gottlieb and Jennifer Cole Phillips.

"Thanks For' is an e-mail plugin that lets the user send and receive personal messages of gratitude in a interactive and dynamic manner. This was a winning submission for the Open IDEO challenge, where the design prompt was to come up with a solution that would help in promoting gratitude in workplaces.

This Plug-in helps users transform generic messages into unique visual expressions. 'Thank you' or 'Thanks' is perfunctory, but ‘Thanks for’ prompts individuals to create more personalized and specific expressions of gratitude. Users can compose, receive and store personalized expressions of gratitude in a fun and intuitive way. It uses flat colours, bold typography and playful interactions to build up a system that makes the user more grateful and happy.